About Us

Awami Systems Technologies (AST) provides end-to-end solutions related to Information Technology to the customers, which makes us One-Stop solution provider. AWAMI is an Urdu word, which means “People’s”; our focus at Awami Systems is to implement IT Solutions for Security & Facilitation of the citizen and provide enabling environment of e-Governance for public and private sector organizations dealing with the citizens and customers.

Our team of seasoned technologists and domain experts covers the entire life cycle of IT Systems implementation in the areas of the System Analysis, Design, Development, Integration, Implementation, Change Management, Network Management, Database Management, Call Centre Management, Post Implementation Support, User Training, Capacity Building, etc. The governments in all the developed and developing countries have termed the Information Technology (IT) as vital tool for providing services at the doorstep of their citizens with pride and dignity. The same is true for private sector where almost each and every corporate entity is endeavoring to reach and serve its customers through the use of state of the art information technology. The IT revolution is not restricted to these sectors, but it has become the essential need of families and home management as well.

The use of Information Technology and its domain areas have grown so rapidly that each one of those domains requires specialization for delivering quality services and durable solutions. Therefore, in order to ensure quality services and customized solutions suitable to the individual requirements we have created specialized Divisions lead by highly qualified, competent and experienced professionals.

We believe that “for every problem, there is a solution” and we provide “IT Solutions” up to entire satisfaction of our customers.